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Driving costs out of projects

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Dave Rochford presented to the East of England branch in February 2010 on cost reduction. The presentation took the form of atools and techniques workshop. Dave launched the session with thisline of thought ''I heard a senior local government person saying last week that councils were faced with 20 to 30% reductions in revenues from 2011. Cutting costs could be the only game in town. But cutting the budget could reduce all the value in the project!''

The content of Dave's seminarincludes common problems and pitfalls, understanding what drives costs and how to control them, an overview of project management methods which impact on costs, best practice on project selection,approval,prioritisation and portfolio management. He finally tacklestips on how to successfully take costs out of projects.

Throughout the presentation Dave provided some fundamental quotes from keybusinesseswhich emphasised the high proportion of projects that exceed costs. He usedtwo case studies to reiterate his point. Dave spent time considering cost drivers and project management tools as well as earned value.

This is an excellent session which has some great tips on how to manage costsand how not to get intothe viscous circle of poor project portfolios.

Slides from Dave's presentation are available to download below.


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