Driving transformation through engaged teams, 13th Sep 2016

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Have you ever wondered what the difference was between Project Management and Change Management? Why both are needed to make a project truly successful and ensure the benefits are realised?

On the 13th September 2016, Ranjit Sidhu came to Norwich to explain all!

The direct correlation between effective change management and project should not be underestimated. The drawing in of the people who will be primarily affected by the project you are implementing, working with them to explain the changes and remove (or at least reduce) their anxieties and concerns can pay real dividends. It takes time for us to adapt to change – and some people do this readily but others need much longer to adapt.

Ranjit explained that the buy-in of the end user was often over looked and the effect of this could leave people talking about their loss of a utility or system for years to come and that, whilst companies have very different cultures, the hearts and minds of people need to be taken in to account and nurtured to make any implementation a success. She recommended thinking about the type and nature of each change, the culture of the organisation, the change ability and individual responses to past changes in order to learn from past events.

There was a good range of questions after the presentation as people explored what they could take back to their organisations.

Lynn Newman
Chair, APM East of England branch

The speaker has kindly agreed to share a revised edition of her slides and these are available below

Posted on 23rd Sep 2016
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