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There was a lively and interesting question and discussion session after Andy Murray's presentation to Farnborough Chapter regarding the corporate culture required for governance to be effective.  In particular around stopping projects. 

Andy, from Outperform, told delegates that he had always advocated that stopping a project is not a sign of failure, but a sign of maturity.  Despite this there are many examples of when an organisation decides to continue in the face of all the evidence that the project is no longer worthwhile. 

Andy's view is that the key point for project managers is that their job is to provide sufficient information to enable the project board to make the right decision - even if that decision is 'stop'.  Project boards need to accept they should not allow a project to proceed in its current form if it is unable to deliver its objectives within the tolerances defined.

A copy of Andy's white paper and presentation is available to download below.

Posted on 20th Jan 2012
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