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Equipping Programme Management for Global Success - 10th March 2016. Conference Agenda

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The APM Programme Management SIG Annual Conference 2016 will take place on Thursday 10th March in London.

With a theme of equipping programme managers for global success we are excited to announce the following agenda for the day (please note, subject to change)

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Registration, networking, coffee



Welcome, Intro & Sponsors



Keynote 1 -Sir John Armitt

Politics and Major Infrastructure


Chris Fairhead

From primary school to PhD: gaining generation's interest in science and technology





Bruno Kahne

What Programme Managers can learn from the deaf world to improve their communication


Jonnie Jensen and


Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton

Why is social media important to my programme?

The PMO: Organisational glue to make change stick





Keynote 2 - Reinhard Wagner

The evolution of programme management - insights from an international perspective

14.40-15.20 Amanda Clack and Alan Muse International Construction Measurement Standards: What are they and why have them?




15.45-16.05 Les Squires 10 Social Marketing Concepts that change everything


Keynote 3 - Eddie Obeng

Project Champions - Rising to the Challenge


Final remarks & Close



Cocktail Party & networking



Politics and Major Infrastructure
The provision of major infrastructure will always be determined by politicians and political policy. Sir John will talk about this critical relationship, the new developments in the UK with the National Infrastructure Commission and the importance of understanding the nature of these relationships for successful programme managers. (back to top) 

From primary school to PhD: gaining a generation’s interest in science and technology
In his presentation, Chris will be exploring how the Bloodhound education programme reaches out and stimulates interest across schools, colleges and universities in order to encourage and support the future skills development of the profession. 

He will therefore be updating the narrative from the APM Conference in 2012,  the APM Scottish Conference in 2013 and EVA19 in 2014(back to top) 

What Programme Managers can learn from the deaf world to improve their communication    
As the corporate world pushes for more performance, pressure and stress increase, and consequently misunderstandings, mistakes, clashes and frustration are on the rise. So how can a company produce more and at a better price when the channels of communication are damaged? A simple, precise and respectful communication has become one of the most valuable assets that a person, a team or a company can possess today! Stimulated by their ‘handicap’, deaf people have over developed specific behaviours which help them to communicate faster than Hearing people, and with much more precision. What are these behaviours which would allow Programme Managers to have a simpler, precise and rapid communication?”
(back to top)

Why is social media important to my programme?

The use of social media for Programme Managers is not just about being confident on LinkedIn and Yammer. The social web mixes communication, processes and data management into an accessible set of tools. These tools can make your next project more efficient, enjoyable and successful.

The reality about not using them though is that your customers, industry talent and competitors all are. Digital competence is what you need to secure your company’s future. Business as usual will not be enough.

In this talk Jonnie Jensen will explore what that means for you, future projects and the senior stakeholders in your organisation.(back to top)

The PMO: Organisational glue to make change stick

An effective Project Management Office [PMO] is key to the successful delivery of programmes. It provides vital support to Programme Managers [and organisations themselves] to initially implement and thereafter make the change stick. 
PMOs are the ‘organisational glue’ that facilitate and communicate change ensuring that it becomes the norm - and continually evolves. 

We will cover good practice, consistency, and the value of having ‘one version of the truth’ to keep the business honest. (back to top)


The evolution of programme management - insights from an international perspective

Programmes are becoming increasingly important for the effective realisation of benefits. However, programme management terminology, concepts and approaches are rather divergent; a harmonisation on international level is needed. 

The presentation will elaborate on the status quo of work done so far on the ISO 21503 “Guidance on Programme Management”, on competences for programme managers defined in the recently released IPMA Individual Competence Baseline (IPMA ICB) 4th Edition, as well as the practice of programme management in more than twenty different sectors, presented in the new edition of the Gower Handbook of Programme Management. (back to top)


International Construction Measurement Standards: What are they and why have them?

Business practices are increasingly demanding global rules. We have seen this in the accounting arena, with international financial accounting standards (IFRS), and, with 70% of global wealth in land and property, valuation, measurement of property and ethics are prime candidates for international standards. Similarly, construction is the risky intervention that turns land into property or an asset.

Accordingly, the International Construction Measurement Standards (ICMS) Coalition was established by non-profit organisations representing professionals in more than 140 countries. Collectively, the group aims to create overarching international standards that will harmonise cost, classification and measurement definitions in order to enhance comparability, consistency, statistics, and benchmarking of capital construction and infrastructure projects.

Global is the new local. As overseas developers continue to invest significantly in UK property and the construction industry, ICMS is as relevant to UK practitioners as it is to overseas professionals. It will connect to, and enhance, quantity surveying and cost management guidance in national markets and across measurement issues in land and property.(back to top)


10 Social Networking Concepts that Change Everything 

The Internet is too often experienced as fragmented, a waste of employer time, and in some cases even a form of spousal abuse. Or it can be experienced as something of a miracle for planning and carrying out shared interests. 

This session is a "how-to", examining 10 concepts ("raw materials") essential for building online interest groups, communities, and projects. 
Many new methods are now available for gathering, categorizing, storing, annotating, tagging, collaborating, conferencing, etc. Many of the methods being unknown to those who still rely on the "email paradigm" to do it all.

Imagine always knowing where your ideas were seen and stored. Imagine groups composition of new documents. Imagine one-click filtering of chaff and wheat. Imagine 24*7 custom searches of the entire web for your specialties. Networking the networks. Maximizing online photography and video communications. (back to top)


Project Champions - Rising to the Challenge

Our New World provides us with many opportunities and challenges.  As Programme Managers our projects and programmes now span time-zones, cultures and languages.  At the same time projects are changing from being 'functional' and focussed on delivery of the project to being 'business' and focussed on benefits. 

In the session I will address these challenges, touching on working smarter with virtual teams, learning lessons (from the mistakes of others!), providing stories, tools and insights of how to be better equipped to deliver global programmes.  I will cover behaviours, actions, emotions and the thinking needed. 

Participants will leave with a new perspective and some concrete learning and tools. (back to top)


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