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The Wessex Branchwelcomed Alistair Godbold from The Nichols Group on 15th July for his presentation 'Ethics and Professionalism'.

Alistair wrote the professionalism and ethics chapter in the APM Body of Knowledge and is currentlyDeputy Chairman of the APM Board.

With his opening slide 'Ethics or Essex -right or wrong?',delegates were given time to assimilate the questionwhilst listening to the different values associated with ethics.

To understand why ethics influence our thinking, Alistair described how business as usual is considered the status quo whilst the project world gives us change, is faster-paced, can clash with culture and has different values.

Various legal options have been created tohelp societymanage with these ethics, including Acts within law and Sarbanes-Oxley. Businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors by publicising their ethics to become more attractive to work with and protect against negative perceptions.

Alistair showed us how right or wrong can go from public thought to become a possible law within about 4 years, and many times is led by popular media.

There were interestingexamples of what may have been right for Romans, butwere no longer accepted behaviour for most cultures now!

Having given delegates an understanding of ethics in societyAlistairshowed how the project manager can influence and lead their project team using ethics as both a motivator and shaper for the values and standards the team could have together.

At theend of the evening, it was clear that Alistair had provoked some serious thought about ethics in our professional livesand the evening ended with alively debate.

Posted on 23rd Jul 2010
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