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Posted by APM on 4th May 2016

6. Events - John Gillett

Recent events

The “Planning for Change” event was held on the 24th February, at the De Vere Venues in Birmingham.  This event was the first joint event between the Enabling Change SIG and the Planning Monitoring and Control SIG.
It attracted a varied audience with different degrees of experience and from a range of industries with around 80 people attending on the day. 

All projects are about delivering some sort of change, otherwise what would be the reason for the project, however change does not just happen, it needs to be planned, monitored and controlled. 
Projects have stakeholders, these are people who will be involved, have some influence or be affected by the project.  Not all people embrace change, they can resist it (although this can provide valuable insights), because they fear the unknown, even if the change is in their best interests, perhaps because they did not realise at the time.  For example, the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, is now leading the closure of the very underground ticket offices that he once stood outside petitioning against their closer.
Therefore, people (stakeholders) must be engaged, managed, encouraged and empowered to do the right thing, at the right time and in the right place. To do this successfully requires planning, a committed team with a shared vision, and the right tools and techniques. You can find a brief summary of the presentations and key points made during the day here at

Change: The Next Generation

Bringing change management to life for the next generation of project professionals was the aim of the Enabling Change SIG’s sessions at APM Presents: Project Management in Practice on 17th March at the University of Warwick.  Three enthusiastic groups of young professionals and students joined SIG Chair Martin Taylor and Committee Member/Transport Change Practitioner group lead Simon Williams to explore some of the key aspects of change management.

Each session began with an overview of the Enabling Change SIG and a brief introduction to change management.  “The APM Body of Knowledge defines change management as a structured approach to moving an organisation from the current state to a desired future state,” explained Simon.  “We built on this to show that whilst projects often install assets, infrastructure or systems, without effective change management to facilitate people adopting the new structures, processes or ways of working the full benefits are unlikely to be achieved or sustained.”

The groups were then given the opportunity to work on a scenario, thinking about some of the actions needed to effectively manage change for a typical efficiency and process change programme.  Aspects covered included governance, vision, resources, stakeholder engagement, support for line managers and employees, measurement of readiness and success, and key risks.  According to Simon, “Everyone participated really well, sharing ideas and experience and identifying important and meaningful steps to take”.  One of the most interesting outcomes was the different perspective taken by each team, exemplifying how every individual and team perceives and responds differently to change.”

At the end of each session key takeaways were captured and delegates were given a summary of key factors in successful change.  They were also reminded of the extensive resources available on the SIG microsite and the opportunities for networking available through Spark collaboration.

Planned events

12th May - Shaping your portfolio to realise organisation strategy - design and prioritisation through to implementation and success. A full day conference organised by the Portfolio Management SIG with our support.
To be held from 9:00am at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, Coram Street, London, WC1N 1HT.
For more information, see link here.

9th June - Enabling Change SIG AGM, Review of recent activities and achievements against our Business Plan and presentation of our Research findings.
To be held from 18:30pm at etc Venues, 51-53 Hatton Garden, London, EC1N 8HN.
For more information, see link here.

We have some other events in the planning stages and we will keep you updated as they solidify. Of course if there are some particular Change related topics you would like us to cover or if indeed you would like to speak at one of our future events about your experience then do get in touch.

John Gillett

Please feel free to circulate this newsletter to your colleagues in Change and do encourage them to join the Enabling Change SIG. It is free to join the SIG group, even if you are not an APM member and then you will be kept up to date on all of our activities.


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