Facilitating operational excellence in and for business change projects

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Elisabeth Goodman provided attendees of the Coventry CPD event with an informative talk on 30th January 2014. Over 30 attendees listened to a case study based exploration of the use of lean and six sigma and change management in operational excellence and other organisational change projects.

The event was very much based on attendee interaction and presented lots of useful examples from industry and clients that Elisabeth has worked with. The evening started with a background history of some of the techniques that can be used and methodologies that help to make organisational change projects a success. Elisabeth explained the concepts of the DMAIC model and methods for prompting and articulating the key change messages throughout a program.

During the evening attendees were able to share knowledge and gain experience from everyone, through group discussions. This was an invaluable exercise as it brought about debate and conversations on how we all view change programs and what factors influence the success or otherwise of the end result.

There were many references to case studies and examples of good practice within the pharmaceutical industry.  Elisabeth brought her experience and knowledge from having facilitated business improvement programmes where organisations have sought to achieve ‘Operational Excellence’ through the adoption of Lean and Six Sigma as a way of working. 

The aim for the evening was for Elisabeth to facilitate delegates’ learning so that they could identify take-home messages from each other’s experience as well as Elisabeth’s. The evening’s aim was achieved and attendees went away with ideas and thoughts to benefit them in the working environment.

Details on Elisabeth's presentation can be found here.

Posted on 17th Feb 2014
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