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Please find below a list of the frequently asked questions.

If you can’t find an answer to your query please let us know by emailing us at and we will respond to you directly and add the response to the FAQs.

Why should project professionals sit this exam- what’s in it for them?

It provides that external credibility and recognition of achievement and puts you on the path to becoming a recognised professional and as a result more employable. It will sit clearly on the route to becoming a Registered Project Professional

Why should my organisation put our project professionals through this process?

It’s about developing people from a manager’s perspective. It will allow you to benchmark against the industry standard using the Competence Framework, and as its modular it enables you to clearly demonstrate your support to development within specific roles across your organisation

It enables organisations to use as part of an individual’s personal development plan, providing development solutions that meet their specific learning needs. It’s the first qualification that looks at different roles, not just project management and provides role-specific routes that don’t exist elsewhere

It provides assessment of capability above and beyond knowledge and gives project professionals credibility, both  internally and externally

Fill the gap between Project Management and RPP and demonstrates your ongoing commitment to the development of your project management community.

Will this qualification replace the Practitioner Qualification?

The PQ will remain for the foreseeable future and there are no plans to withdraw it. We have listened to market and developed this new qualification  as an alternative to the current PQ. The key difference is that the PQ is a retrospective assessment, whereas the new qualification takes a progressive/developmental approach. Each qualification is focused on different learning styles, which will meet different learning needs.

Will the new qualification be aligned to IPMA level C?

No, not at the time in goes live. The market has told us that a developmental qualification, assessed by examination, is required and that was has been developed. This type of qualification and assessment method do not meet IPMA requirements. If organisations or individuals want an IPMA qualification through APM they can still do this by sitting the existing PQ.

Will I become a Full Member if I achieve the new qualification, as is the case with PQ?

Yes you will. It’s another good reason for completing all 4 papers and achieving the qualification

Will certificates be sent to candidates after each examination paper or will credits be held against their record?

On completion of each examination paper candidates will receive a “Recognition of achievement”. The full certificate will be issued on successful completion of 4 individual papers

How many papers can I sit?

Each candidate will sit one paper, although there may be an opportunity for some candidates to sit two exam papers in total, depending on the APM testing programe and capacity across the pilot.

Will these exams count towards my overall qualification?  

Yes, if a candidate who participates in the pilots sits and passes an exam it will count towards the overall qualification award.

Are there any costs we will incur to sit each exam in the pilot?  

APM will cover the costs of the physical examinations for the duration of the pilots. This will include all marking and administration costs incurred by APM. Any additional costs incurred with other 3rd parties such as accredited providers will need to be covered by each individual organisation.

What will the exam costs be going forward?

The final cost structure is not yet available. We will communicate these to you as soon as they are published

Is there any formal training I can undergo to help me prepare?

We anticipate that candidates participating in the pilots will be in a position to be ready to sit the exams and no formal training is available. If you do have any questions the APM support team will be available to provide help and advice and we have a number of Accredited Training Providers participating who may also be able to provide help.

What support materials will I have access to?

The following documentation is available to be downloaded from the secure area on the APM website:

  • Candidate Guidance
  • Syllabus’s for each of the 6 exam papers
  • Role profiles at intermediate level for Project, Programme and Portfolio Managers. This is the target audience for this qualification

Who should I contact if I have any questions or need help?

Initially we suggest you access the secure area on the website as we will be updating this on a regular basis. If you are a candidate please contact your organisation in the first instance. If you are an organisation or accredited provider please contact your APM Account Manager or Project team.  



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