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Posted by APM on 11th May 2012

This latest event hosted by the APM Thames Valley Branchprovided those new to project management with some tools and techniques to help them manage projects effectively with plenty of time to ask questions.

Three leaders in the field of project managementexplained different methods of leading a team and helped delegates find out for themselves what works for them.

Thethree speakers gave their views on ways for new project managers to establish their leadership position and get the best out of project teams.

Each speakergave a short talk,followed by a ten minute brainstorming session during which delegatesdiscussed the advantages and disadvantages of the methods presented, and where each might be most appropriate.

The panelpresented three leadership positions:

David MacLeod - traditionalist project management
Matt Hancock - devolved responsibility
Ayleen Wishuda - business psychology. What you can do to improve the first impression, how to approach each team member to get the best from them

The event also provided delegates with:

Appreciation of different styles of leadership
Recognition of the effect of those styles
Awareness that different styles may be appropriate in different situations and for different people
Ways to recognise when its not work going to work and how to approach finding a solution to the problem

The slides from the event can be downloaded below.

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