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Gaming 'guru' speaks at technology congress

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Posted by APM on 27th Jun 2014

Points, rewards, badges and leader boards – is gamification the way to communicate with younger association members and help them learn? That is the question being posed by the co-author of APM’s latest trend guide at this year’s Technology for Association’s Congress.

Fernande van Schelle (pictured right) will share content from Introduction to Gamification – including game mechanics, gamification in the workplace, and good practice – as well as wider findings from the original APM Study Tour report, at the event on 2-3 July in London.

Fernande will speak as part of ‘Creating a valuable e-portfolio stream’. She told event organisers, the Associations’ Network: “Young people use their mobile phones and play games all the time. This makes them very accessible, but less loyal as they are used to searching and checking online for better offers. Gaming techniques are an excellent way to attract their attention and get them to interact.”

Gamification uses game mechanics and game design techniques in a non-gaming context, engaging users, solving problems and driving behaviour. Its role in projects and motivating project teams was first explored by members of APM’s Thames Valley branch in 2012. The resulting research led to the publication of the first in a series of planned guides looking at emerging trends in project management, sponsored by training provider ILX Group.

Although still in its infancy in the project arena, the guide stresses the benefits of the global gaming phenomenon, which is fast becoming the norm in many business environments. “Gamification encompasses many elements that could be utilised successfully within a project management environment to create fun, motivate staff and increase productivity within project teams,” it says.

To learn more about game thinking in projects, download your free APM report or guide, watch the video or read the blog. You can also search here.

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