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How to construct a campaign of communications to achieve support

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At the end of October the People SIG welcomed back Alan Barnard (this time aided by colleague John Braggins) from Campaign It! who was returning for Part 2 of How to construct a campaign of communications to achieve support for your project, Part 1 of which was held back in June and during which time beat us from completing the evening.

Alan Barnard

Alan reminded us that a campaign is…

  • A planned sequence of communications
  • That makes use of all appropriate channels
  • To achieve defined outcomes
  • In a specific time-frame
  • By influencing the decision-makers who will allow success

Alan also walked through part of the Campaign It! Model focussing in on 4 main areas…

  • Start with the end – work out your desired outcome and the cause associated with it
  • Know who gives you permission to succeed – they are the audience you need to influence
  • Work out the compelling story that will persuade them
  • And then tell that story – repeatedly using all appropriate channels of communication

Then it was time for the planned lengthy Q&A session during which time we bounced around many live queries folks had bought with them involving Asda, The Law Society, libraries and Heathrow Airport to name but a few.

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You can see Alan's slides below:



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