How to take the 'pulse' of groups and the organisation during times of change

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The Midlands Branch hosted a thought provoking talk from Rod Willis on the 2nd February in Coventry.  Rod along with his fellow researchers have developed a method for exploring team performance by regularly taking the ‘pulse’ of your team/organisation during the transition period of change.  The method proposed gives a visual way to open up the discussions and therefore resolution of issues that the team may be encountering as they journey through the transition curve.

Rod’s insight to understanding that most people fear change and are resistant to that change due to the fact they believe their roles could be changing, as most people think of themselves as a role …. “I am a Project Manager”.  The purpose of the change leader is to help people reflect on their contribution to the team and what they are capable of, rather than their label.

Another key message from the talk was when we are part of a change/transformation team we can spend several weeks going through the strategy, understanding the drivers for change; and yet when we come to communicate the output we spend maybe one or two sessions telling the wider team/organisation and expecting everyone to jump on board.  We need therefore to give people time, and the space to discuss the changes that are coming and the tool developed enables this.

Rod’s presentation and the Group Dynamic tool can be found using the following link. you do need to register to download the file and that goes to an access list that Rod manages so no risk of any spam as a result, from here the file can be viewed or downloaded.  

Posted on 1st Apr 2016
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