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Industry Change Practitioner Groups, Enabling Change SIG May newsletter 2016

5. Industry Change Practitioner Groups - David Packham & Simon Williams

The Change Practitioner Groups for Public Services and Transportation are running effectively,
but we need to identify a new facilitator for the Financial Services group and instigate the first meeting of the Utilities group.

Change themes emerging from the Public Services group are: 1) How does the democratic context shape change leadership and accountability in Public Services and 2) How does the Public Sector align organisational Change capability to value?

The outcome of the meeting held in February and led by David Packham was agreement to develop the (first) ‘capability and value’ topic to structure a survey, SRO study and thought piece around the question: How does the Public Sector align organisational change capability to value, establishing baselines that are robust to measure and manage organisational performance and PPM delivery against agreed benefits? This would be linked to the (second) ‘democratic context and accountability’ topic by referencing the APM publication Co-Directing Change but through a public sector lens. The next meeting is on 11th May.

The Transport Practitioner Group, led by Simon Williams, held a half day meeting on 12th February. Drawing on the group's previous work on the challenges of delivering change in the transport sector and the characteristics which transport organisations are good at demonstrating, the group has prepared a series of recommendations to take forward. These are currently being formally documented along with supporting evidence from the case studies shared by member organisations.

The group would also like to compare its findings with the other Practitioner groups as it feels there may be some common outcomes and synergies, particularly with the Public Services Group. It would be good to understand which of the findings are genuinely unique to Transport, and which are common to any large, regulated sector subject to public policy.

The next meeting of the Financial Services group and the first meeting of the Utilities group are currently being arranged.

David Packham & Simon Williams

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