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It's all about you - developing yourself aligned to your PPSO

Its all about you developing yourself aligned to your PPSO

The March 2007 PPSOSIG event took place on Wednesday 14th March 2007 at Aston University Lakeside Conference.
See the full agenda (PDF)

Have you ever had the opportunity to assess the work of your PSO? Do you have the right type of PSO that really delivers value to your organisation? How do you influence senior management and stakeholders when you do not have direct authority?

The event kicked off with a PPSO Profiling presentation by Hilary Small from CITI:

See the presentation (PDF, Large File)

Kevin Moir is the Major Projects & Programme Director at Middlesex University. He shared his experiences of implementing a PSO within a large educational environment.

See the presentation (PDF, Large File)

Internationally renowned project management expert, Sheilina Somani provides a comprehensive range of management, facilitation and mentoring experience across an eclectic range of business environments. As senior instructor she has developed, written, led and facilitated more than 300 training programs in over 40 countries, across five continents. Sheilina gave a presentation on influencing skills designed to help PSOs achieve results, where they may not have direct authority. This thought-provoking session presented ideas and strategies for improving outcomes.

See the presentation (PDF, Large File)

Other sessions included discussions and presentations around the development of the people in your PSO:

PPSO qualifications and CPD

Mentoring and coaching of PSO staff

See the coaching presentation (PDF, Large File)
> See the mentoring presentation (PDF, Large File)


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