Leadership: Changing Perspectives & Implications for Practice, 18th Nov 2015

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Posted by APM on 23rd Nov 2015

The WiPM SIG were delighted to return to Scotland on Wednesday 18th November. An introduction of the APM WiPM SIG, its activities, volunteering opportunities and their recent Women in Project Management video by the WiPM Chair Teri Okoro, preceded the session.

Part of the new reality of project management is moving away from a preoccupation with project planning and control tools as the keys to success and towards the management and leadership of people and their performance.

Sarah Coleman then took the presentation explaining that providing leadership capability is not just left to ‘leaders’, as the project community is discovering, and every project manager needs elements of leadership capability to be effective.  Often people have come up through the ranks as technical specialists by learning, using and becoming expert in project technical skills. There is now a move into project leader roles with little understanding of leadership and the spectrum of capabilities needed to do it justice. The evening explored what is needed to develop personal project leadership capability and how to step up to the mark.

The interactive session focussed on:

  • what project leadership is
  • how it continues to be developed and where the new thought is
  • how you can develop your own project leadership skills.

Sarah Coleman the speaker has kindly given permission to allow her presentation to be viewed.

Women in Project Management SIG committee


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