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Posted by APM on 22nd Apr 2013

On 12 March 2013 the North West Branch in conjunction with the local ICE had their annual collaborative event when we were granted a special preview of the newly refurbished Liverpool Central Library. This library is situated adjacent to the famous St George's Hall and will not re-open to the public until mid-May.

The original facade has been retained so that the original Victorian splendor is still in perfect harmony with all the similar grand edifices around it.

A library is a library you might think but this one had a wow factor like few others. Bright colours, well lit, some 160 pcs and a special area for streaming in music. Some 85 people, half and half APM & ICE heard the talk on Collaborative Working given by Matthew Pendergast of Turner & Townsend. Matthew is a great supporter of the local Branch having been the APM Award Winner with his school project a few years back, a venue that he also treated the Branch to a visit. At the Liverpool Library we had a Guided Tour, all 'slippered up' so we kept the new floors pristine. The weather was even kind enough i.e. dry, so we could see the skyline of the City from the balcony in the last light of the setting sun.

Whoever said Libraries were dull? - well not this one.

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