Managing benefits - optimising return on investments webinar

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The reason organisations invest in projects and programmes is to realise benefits in terms of:

• increased revenue
• efficiency savings
• some tangible contribution to a strategic objective or business priority
• or because we have to - to meet a legal or regulatory requirement or to maintain business as usual.

Yet reports from professional bodies, audit agencies and academic research consistently suggest that organisations in the public, private and 3rd sectors continue to struggle in demonstrating a return on their investments in change. The significance of this is even greater in the current economic climate where the failure to optimise benefits realisation may also put future initiatives at risk as investors lose confidence in the organisation’s ability to manage change. This in turn has obvious consequences for those employed in delivering and managing change.

This then was the context for the new guidance 'Managing Benefits' and accredited examinations from the APMG.

In this webinar the guide's author and chief examiner, Steve Jenner FAPM, outlined the scope of the new guidance and highlighted the key lessons learned from a wide variety of disciplines encompassing project and programme management; psychology; behavioural finance; systems thinking; and neuroscience.

The questions during the webinar were captured and Steve has speedily responded to them. They can be seen here.

Posted on 20th Mar 2013
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