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Midlands branch Corporate Group - getting to know you

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Posted by APM on 28th May 2015

The Midlands branch have started the challenge of engaging with their local corporate organisations to help improve the relationship between the branch and local companies.  The first event will be a breakfast meeting on Wednesday 17th July 2015.

As a newly formed BCAG for the Midlands we are looking to engage with our local corporate members to better understand your requirements from APM locally and influence how the APM actively works with you and your organisation.

To that end, and in recognition of the large geographic spread of the Midlands, we are pleased to announce our inaugural event – with two Working Breakfasts running in parallel from 08.30 to 10.00 on Wednesday 17th June 2015 being held at the Bromsgrove Hilton and the Derby-Nottingham Holiday Inn.

The breakfasts will be an informal round table discussion, punctuated with opportunities to network with your counterparts in other organisations in the region, as well as local APM volunteers.

It is anticipated that as a result of this event we will share with you plans for future more structured BCAG events in the Midlands.

We hope this event will be of interest. Numbers will be limited. So please join us, contribute and take something useful away. Please reply to Colin Baker at colin.baker@apm.org.uk

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