Milton Keynes Chapter wing'd it to Bletchley Park for their latest event

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Posted by APM on 19th Sep 2011

On a warm September evening, the Milton Keynes chapter of the APM took the opportunity of holding that extra special event with that extra special speaker on an extra special day.  For those of you who are old enough to remember, 15th September is the anniversary of the Battle of Britain and this year is the 70th anniversary, so: Bletchley Park, the first to learn of the end of the attempt by the Luftwaffe to destroy the RAF - obvious location; Stephen Carver and his Battle of Britain presentation - obvious choice, for what was the event of the year for Milton Keynes.  Black ties on parade with future pilot stickers blazoned on dinner jackets over 50 members of APM and their guests enjoyed a salubrious meal followed by the passion of Stephen Carver and his expertise to look at yesteryear and compare it with the project management challenges of today.

The atmosphere already generated by the historic surroundings, Stephen gave a brilliant presentation using the Battle of Britain to highlight some important points for all to ponder.  Contemporary speeches and films were combined with serious academic points and a good helping of dry wit, Stephen hypnotised delegates with his artistic skills of getting his point across with interest and inner enthusiasm.  As usual Stephen introduced the concept of being a fighter pilot with endless models being built by the guests and a flying display of sorts to end an event that has drawn comments such as great venue, great food and a really great presentation, what more could anyone ask for.

Bletchley Park lends itself towards an element of Project Management where the skills of those that deciphered the Germans battle plans but applied the theory of looking at it from the enemys point of view rather than the defenders; perhaps the most important viewpoint for any project manager.

As all the guests left the building they would have left in awe of the likes of Alan Turing and had gained a better understanding of battle project management shown through the skills of Keith Park who, through his own clever planning and execution, helped win the Battle for Britain in the air.

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