Mindfulness for leadership and project efficiency

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A large contingent of London members were entertained and intrigued to learn how mindfulness techniques can be applied in a project management context.

Anne Parkertold the audiencehow she became interested in mindfulness and explainedwhat happens to the brain whensubjected to stress and its physical manifestation. The audienceused two mindfulness techniquest to see for themselves the effect of being calm, but alert.They sawthe differencethis made, allowing people to work at optimum levelsto see and evaluate all the options.

In a team context project managers are able to achieve the best results by calmly evaluating individuals and situations to make better, informed decisions.

Anneended her presentation by explaining that using mindfulness techniques just two or three times a day, for a few minutes, will have a positive impact. She alsorecommended aseries of publicationsin response to specific questions during a lively question and answer session at the end.

Anne has prepared some slidesof key points. You can view and download these slides below by clicking the link to APM Presentation.pdf.

Posted on 20th Nov 2014
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