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More volunteer research projects confirmed

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Posted by APM on 20th Jul 2015

APM has approved the funding of two new volunteer research studies.

Developing a tool to improve project productivity by addressing the people issues that undermine success will be the focus of one study.

The other will assess the impact of emotions on project performance.  

Both studies are being developed by members of APM’s specific interest groups (SIG) and are set to launch by early 2016.

Tool to improve project productivity

“Project professionals are looking for tools to help them identify and address the people and organisation dynamics that undermine delivery,” says Carole Osterweil from the APM Enabling Change SIG.

“Currently the development of tools to meet this challenge lags far behind the tools for managing finance, progress and risk.

“This research looks to address that and I believe will be of benefit to all APM members, regardless of sector or organisations,” she added.

We are looking for 15 organisations to partner with us in developing the tool to improve project productivity. Participating in the research will give you access to leading edge thinking and insight into the project management culture in your organisation. 

What's more, in return for contributing to the research you will get a report on 'the state of play' at your organisation.  If you are interested please contact Carole Osterweil.

Emotional intelligence and behaviours 

The second study is being led by the APM People SIG. Spokesperson Eleri Evans said: “Research on emotional intelligence (EI) and behaviours relating to project performance is a large and complex area and therefore this research will form a pilot study focusing on APM Registered Project Professional (RPP) holders.  

“The research will use brain-mapping techniques to identify the behavioural preferences, work aptitude and core traits for a project management role.  It is hoped that this work can be built upon for future exploration.”

For more information regarding this please contact Eleri Evans.

The funded-research projects follow on from the success of the 2014/15 research fund.

This yielded a range of research and tools covering topics such as agile, stakeholder engagement and knowledge management.

The APM Planning, Monitoring and Control SIG asked whether Principal Agent Theory provided an explanation for different levels of success on outsourced projects.

The research explores behaviours and enables organisations to undertake project health checks.

The research comprised of four case studies: two taken from the pharmaceutical industry and two from construction with the report available in autumn 2015.

This is on top of APM producing two pieces of major research: Conditions for Project Success and Salary and Market Trends Survey 2015.

APM will be covering the forthcoming research in more detail over the coming months including outlining how you and your organisation can participate in the research.

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