New APM book release: Guide to Integrated Assurance [Video]

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The latest video release by APM sees Roy Millard, APM Assurance Specific Interest Group (SIG), talk about the publication of A Guide to Integrated Assurance.

The guide, released earlier this month, is designed to help organisations manage their assurance activities so they become more efficient and effective.

In the video Roy explains why an integrated approach is important, and why professionals working in a project environment including sponsors will find the guide beneficial.

This includes knowledge shared by several senior figures working in assurance.

A Guide to Integrated AssuranceRoy added: If theres a single overwhelming reason to buy the book, its that youre buying that collective experience from a group of assurance professionals.

A Guide to Integrated Assurance is available to buy from Turpin priced at 10 (9 for members).

For additional reading see the latest blog from Mark Reilly, also from the APM Assurance SIG.

Posted on 28th May 2014
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