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Politics and the PPSO

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Posted by APM on 1st Mar 2005

The event was held at the Aston Business Centre

Agenda and presentations below
Detailed Agenda

10.00 10.30 Registration, Welcome and Logistics Mark Hygate

Full presentation Politics and the PPSO, Stakeholder Analysis and Quantitative and Qualitative Benefits > presentation

10.30 11.30 Politics and the PPSO John Zachar

PPSOs are frequently at the receiving end of a political environment. Over the years, Ive asked a number of associates, Do you live in a politically free zone? You all know what the answer is. NO!

Organisational politics exist! We will never live in an environment that is not influenced by politics! Working in or being responsible for a PPSO. how do we recognise the political impact that we not only create, but experience?

Politics, and the PPSO! How do we make it work? What needs to be considered?

11:30 12.30 Stakeholder Analysis and Expectations Management Mark Hygate
Stakeholders you cant live without them can you live with them?

Finding out and knowing who your Stakeholders are, followed by having an idea of how to manage them, can be the making of whatever it is you are trying to do. Not doing so can spell disaster. A workshop to brainstorm all the various types of stakeholders and what might be their individual foibles.

12.30 1.30 Lunch and Networking

1.30 2.30 Quantitative and Qualitative Benefits Delivered by the PPSO Raj Shenov
It is a question of survival. How can you justify the existence of your PPSO? Can you present the value of your PPSO to the key stakeholders? Can you start to think in terms of your PPSO starting to provide higher value than it does today?

This workshop will critically evaluate the benefits your PPSO provides and of course trigger thought starters on what next?

2.30 3.00 Tea

3.00 3.30 The Relationships The PPSO and Project Manager(s) Chris Walters
One of the key relationships for the PPSO is with the Project Manager.
Well have a look at types of PPSO and Project Manager and identify some possibilities for harmony and friction.

Handouts for the presentation are available here

3.45 End of Conference

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