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Portfolio management - how do I even get this on the executive agenda?

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Posted by APM on 16th Oct 2013

Over 50 people took part in a stimulating evening on 1st October to hear a thought-provoking presentation from Alan Dinsdale (Deputy Head within the Defence Information Services Team (DIST) of the MoD) followed by lively discussions in workshop sessions. Alan's presentation slides relating to the event can be found below.


We've received great feedback - everyone rated it either 'excellent' or 'good' with over 85% saying they would like to see a similar style of presentation followed by a workshop used again in the future. 

Over 100 ideas and comments were generated in response to the event question which we are now analysing and will publish shortly. A first-pass review has highlighted the following themes which will be expanded upon later:

·         Understand your executive’s issues when trying to get them interested in the merits of Portfolio Management - i.e. what's particularly important to him or her
·         Consider what major (external or internal) events might act as a trigger for such interest - e.g. a major strategic  and/or  financial review
·         Decision makers need sound evidence; good Portfolio Management will highlight the right MI and analysis - are the Execs getting the  the right information to make decisions?
·         Weak (or no) organisational strategy may lessen interest in Portfolio Management – however, Portfolio Management can be the means to highlight the need for a coherent strategy
·         Execs need to see how Portfolio Management can integrate with or improve processes, not add complexity or duplication - i.e. work within the current processes and systems where possible

We want to continue to respond to your needs and build on the October event.  Our plans include an all-day conference on 6th March 2014, and this time the Benefits Management SIG has joined with us, as portfolio management and benefits management are inextricably linked; the theme is "Creating and sustaining an environment for success".

As part of the conference want to include  a number of real life experiences from organisations introducing, embedding or sustaining portfolio management and/or benefits management  - in effect mini-case studies with positive and negative experiences and lessons learned that we could share within our  communities. 

Therefore, if you, or someone in your organisation, would be willing to speak about your experiences please let us know; in the first instance contact either Stephen Parrett or Sarah Harries c/o Anna Grabham and we can discuss topics and how best to include your contribution in the conference.

As well as being a chance to speak on a national platform it will be a great way to share what works and doesn't work, and also see how others have  overcome (or not) the issues that portfolio management and benefits management bring to achieve greater success for their organisations.


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