Profile of a volunteer - Martin Taylor

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Name: Martin Taylor

Membership grade: MAPM

Volunteer role: Chair of Enabling Change SIG

1. Why did you decide to become a volunteer for APM?
When looking at the existing SIGs, I thought there was a need for a group focused on change so I put the idea forward, established a committed team and we achieved approval from the board in January. Delivering change effectively can make a huge difference to the success of APM.

2. What benefits have you gained from being an APM volunteer?
I have met many committed, enthusiastic people and established new relationships. I understand more about how APM operates and appreciate the hard work that goes into volunteering.

3. What would be your top tip to an APM member looking to become a volunteer?
Be passionate about the area in which you want to become involved and think about what specific practical things you can do to make a difference.

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Posted on 8th Aug 2014
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