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Profile of professionalism grows in the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition

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Posted by APM on 30th Mar 2011

Alongside the launch of APM Registered Project Professional on the 1st March, and as a result of feedback received, the demand for professionalism in project management has now been reflected in the latest draft of the APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition structure issued following the completion of the latest round of consultation on the project.

Professionalism has now been given a dedicated section and will be extended to feature the subjects Ethics, Competence, Learning and Development and Communities of Practice. Previously it had been listed within the Governance section of the structure.

APM is becoming synonymous with the development of professionalism in project management. The APM 5 Dimensions of Professionalism encapsulates its values and with APM Registered Project Professional and APM Corporate Accreditation were able to recognise individuals and organisations dedicated to the development of competent and accountable professionals. It follows that the APM Body of Knowledge should reflect this growing area. said Liz Wilson, APM Head of Professional Standards and Knowledge.

Following extensive consultation and discussion with the Body of Knowledge Structure Working Group, the structure also sees adjustments to the structure with new homes for Environment, Operational Management, Change Control, Change Management, Solutions Development, Contracts and Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability.

The APM Body of Knowledge 6th edition project is a ground breaking collaborative project involving more than 1000 people from all project management disciplines and sectors. For the first time it will fully embrace the topics programme and portfolio management alongside project management. It is part of a wider refresh programme which will incorporate an update to the APM Competence Framework and APM Qualifications.

The project now moves onto a series of review events being held in London on the 13th, 14th and 20th April. Alongside this, APM is inviting programme and portfolio management experts to take part in developing these areas of the 6th edition.

To register your interest in the APM Body of Knowledge Refresh Project, please contact us at www.tinyurl.com/apmrefresh

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