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Programme and project maturity models

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Posted by APM on 19th Jul 2010

Neil Glover and Peter Johnson from the Office of Government and Commerce presented to the East of England branch in April 2006 onprogramme and project maturity models. Neiland Peterwork in the Knowledge, Innovations, Standards and Skills division of OGC and who, between them, have a wide experience of programme and project management guidance and skills in the public sector. The presentations looked at programme and project management maturity models as a means of assessing organisational capabilities,developing them and what we hope they will achieve.

APM, the Office of Government and Commerce and many others have been promoting good practice for project management for many years, yet projects continue to fail and in some cases hit the headlines with major financial and political consequences. Surveys continue to show the same common causes of failure most of which are symptomatic of a lack of good project management.

There may be variations in the methods used for project management but they tend to embody the same well-established principles. So, is the problem no longer with the methods but with the way they are applied? This could be a problem either with the individual skills of the project team or with the capability of the organisation to support good project management.

It seems obvious that an organisations ability to deliver successful projects depends on how well it has embraced a project management approach to working. This is an excellent detailed and thought provoking seminar by Neil and Peter which washighly appreciated bythe audience.

Slides from Neil and Peter's presentation are available to download below.

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