Project delivery: more for less - 'no pressure then?'

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On 18th March 2015, David MacLeod, specialist in education and training in the art and science of project and change management by his own  company, Crystal Ball Projects, gave a presentation to the Scotland Branch entitled ‘Project delivery: more for less - 'no pressure then?''.

David’s presentation dispelled the myth of motivation by deadline, often budgets and deadlines that are infeasible, and explained how these in essence destroy both organisational capability and individual motivation.

His presentation enabled delegates to recognise the impact of 'pressure' words on behaviour, learn why deadlines are DUDs that do not achieve the desired results, and understand why the delivery of 'more for less' requires trust and honesty.

In the interactive presentation, David will discussed example projects in the public domain, referred to newspaper articles and used a video clip or two to illustrate his theme.

Scotland branch

David has very kindly shared his material.

Posted on 23rd Mar 2015
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