Project Management, the National Trust AND the Magna Carta - is there really a connection?

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Posted by APM on 26th Oct 2015

“Project Management, the National Trust AND the Magna Carta – is there really a connection?"

Well, if you were in Bury St Edmunds on Thursday 15 October you’d know the answer was yes! The East of England branch were treated to a very entertaining and informative talk by Ben Cowell, Director of the National Trust in the East of England. Ben’s talk was multidimensional, explaining how the National Trust undertake projects, gate them, pay for them and derive benefit from them. He then linked this back to King John and his management of the Barons, the creation of and subsequent iterations of the Magna Carta and took us on a historic tour of National Trust and other properties, including of course Runnymede itself. Using the historic characters he explored the roles of project sponsor, project manger and the end user - leaving us all glad that King John was not the sponsor for our latest project!

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