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Project managing partnering relationships with the public sector

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Posted by APM on 11th Mar 2013

This event provided delegates with the opportunity to learn more about how to successfully project manage the relationship issues when dealing with public/private sector business opportunities. 

Project management is often talked about in terms of processes, but it is invariably the people relationships that can help or hinder success. Cultural differences between the public and private sectors add a further complication.

Terry Mitchell brought the benefit of a career that spans both sectors at a senior level. He shared his experience of project managing major bidding activities in the world of private finance initiatives (PFI) and public private partnerships (PPP) over the last 10 years. His presentation offered fresh insights into how the two sectors can communicate more effectively and how you as a project manager can achieve greater success in managing the all important people and cultural impacts.

Questions that were addressed included:

  • What are the big issues facing the public sector?
  • How does the private sector position itself for success?
  • Who are the real movers and shakers?
  • How do they make their decisions and what influences them most?

Getting under the skin of these questions has a major impact on successful project management when working with the public sector.

This event brought benefits for delegates in the public sector or private sector, procuring or bidding or those trying to work through the implementation of a long term strategic partnership.

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