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Project resilience- Tuesday 9th February 2016

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The Thames Valley branch welcomed Elmar Kutsch and Neil Turner on Tuesday 19th February, to give an animated presentation on project resilience. Dr Elmar Kutsch and Neil Turner presented on the subject of project resilience based on their new book “The Art of Noticing, Interpreting, Preparing, Containing and Recovering”

Project Resilience is about making projects and project managers more resilient. The authors looked at projects not simply from a ‘mechanistic’ approach in which work can be broken down, executed and controlled as a series of interlocking parts but rather as ‘organic’ constructs, living entities existing for a finite period of time, consisting of people, structures and processes. These entities are constantly challenged by environmental adversity - risk, uncertainty and complexity. Resilience involves finding ways to help project managers notice more, interpret adversity more realistically, prepare themselves better for it, contain and recover from it quicker and more appropriately.

Ryan Wilcox
Volunteer Coordinator

Neil and Elmar have kindly given permission for their presentation slides to be available to in the APM resources section of our website. 



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