Psychometrics and project management

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Posted by APM on 29th Jul 2010

On the 17th of June 2009 the APM People SIG held a workshop on Psychometrics and project management that was facilitated by Charlotte Dunneof Charlotte Dunne Consulting who is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist specialising in using tools and techniques to enhance individual, team and organisational dynamics.

The workshop explored the use of psychometrics and diagnostic tools in project management. Attendees explored the importance of people and behaviour in project success, and gained an understanding of some of the different analytical tools available, how to differentiate between them, and how to use them most effectively.

The session started by asking:

Why should we be interested in people and behaviour.? and What do we want to know.?

Below are some early insights into how the tools available can be used to have a positive impact on your projects.

Understanding yourself

What makes us tick, what are our strengths and development areas, how do we interact, what impact do we have on others, how do we learn and deliver?

Understanding the team

How it works together, strengths and weaknesses, how to motivate and develop, how it works best, how people can support each other?

Understanding the client

What makes them tick, what do they want to see - hear - feel, how to negotiate and influence with different types of people.

Understanding the organisation

The culture of the organisation you are delivering in, how best to communicate, how to embed the products, how the organisation may react to change, barriers and blocks.

The session further explored the ways of capturing and understanding people and behaviour by distinguishing between:

1. Diagnostic tools

2. Inventories

3. Psychometrics

An example of each of these was provided, with additional information on how these can be used.

Other discussions included:

* As a PM, how and when might you use these?

* What are the pros and cons?

* Choosing when it is appropriate to use the different tools

The slides from the session can be downloaded below

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