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Requirements are often cited as a contributory cause of project under-performance. In Jeremy Warhurst's opinion, analysis around this assumption reveals, that many causes are at play, only some of which are influential for project managers, even fewer are controllable.

Jeremy discussed requirements methods and requirements myths, and provide notional analysis models to use as starting points for requirements activities at the APM Value Management SIG event on 10th July.

Jeremy Warhurst attained both BSc(Hons) in Project Management and MSc in Strategic Project Management. These studies were undertaken to support his career in software development, where he has held roles including business analyst, software tester and software quality engineer.

Additional practical studies in Lean Sigma encouraged focus on observing problems in working practices as they happen. Resulting from the above is perspective about why some projects suffer due to poor requirements, some potential remedies, and the barriers to implementing the remedies.

As a member of the APM Value Management SiG the value lost to organisations from sub-optimal requirements practices is central to the research, analysis and writings of the speaker.

Jeremy's slides can be seen here: 


Posted on 16th Jul 2014
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