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Research call for case studies and papers

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During 2011 the APM Programme Management SIG (ProgM) is starting to look at the adaptation of programme management in two specific areas:

A] Sector specific aspects of programme management
B] Programme management in non-change programmes

Sector specific aspects of programme management

ProgM is to examine this subject with a view to publishing sector or industry specific programme management guidance. This is an open invitation for people to submit evidence of how programme management has had to be adapted in their specific industry or organisation for successful programme delivery. You can cite adaptation of any of the generic programme management approaches, e.g. APM BoK, Managing Successful Programmes or other methodologies. You may also cite organisation specific guidance or standards but it must be shown how and why they vary from generic standards.

Two main types of submission are envisioned:

1] Case studies of specific industry programmes which describe and explain adaptations required due to the nature of the industry or sector, rather than the nature of the programme itself.
2] Papers on the application of programme management in a specific sector with referenced evidence. Again the papers need to focus on what industry/sector factors influenced the applications made.

Case study or paper submissions need to show:

1) what programme management adaptations were specifically made due to the nature of that industry/sector


2) why the nature of that industry/sector made them necessary.

The adaptations could include, for example, how some aspects of programme management require more focus than others, or how a specific aspect e.g. risk management needs to applied in a certain way for that particular industry/sector.

There is no length criteria for these submissions, which may range from a one page overview to an academic paper. However, all submissions do need to cite evidence and/or references.

Programme management in non-change programmes

To date, programme management approaches / guidance has been driven by business strategic change and key benefits realisation. However, many programme management professionals work in business environments where projects and programmes are simply run as mechanisms for non-change i.e. operational (business as usual) activity.

This specific research area is aimed at identifying those viable types of non-business change programmes and clarifying what makes them different from the more typical business change initiatives. ProgM is particularly keen to understand how such programmes are managed and what is done differently from change programmes. An example of such a programme might be one delivered under a professional services business model and may include for example life-cycle adaptation.

Again, invitations are invited for the submission of case studies or papers under the same principles as the sector specific aspects research described above.

Please submit your case studies or papers If you have any queries pleasecontact either Bob Thomas or Paul Rayner.


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