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Risk appetite

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Posted by APM on 12th Jul 2012

The APM Risk SIG held a joint event with the Institute of Risk Management in Manchester on the 11th of July 2012.

Richard Anderson opened the presentations with a session entitled The premise behind risk appetite and why the IRM thought it was important enough to produce the IRM guidance paper Risk appetite and risk tolerance

Ruth Murray-Webster then spoke about The need to understand and manage both risk appetite and risk attitude in a co-ordinated way.

Steve Townsend of Tesco bank then spoke about risk appetite in banking before Achilleas Mavrellis of Defra presented a case study on how Defra is responding to the coalition challenge of new world, new project management.

Mike Robertson then finished the day with a session entitled Risk appetite a useful concept for risk management or a term used to keep the board on board?

The slides from the event can be downloaded below.

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