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Role description for RPP Champion

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This article outlines the role of the RPP Champion. As this is a new role, the description is for guidance, we do not expect everyone to do everything on it, just what is appropriate to their availability, the groups they operate in and the level of detail they are comfortable with. If preferred you can download the role description.

The role of RPP Champion is to:

  • Inform and guide potential applicants on their suitability for RPP and the application process, using the materials available through APM. This is NOT a requirement to coach or mentor individuals. It is a signposting role, to ensure that people are aware of what information is available to them and to guide them on how to decide whether they are ready to apply for RPP, or not.
  • Build awareness and interest in RPP amongst a range of stakeholder groups at a range of events. This may be through the branch network, at SIG events, inside corporate employer organisations or others as required. It is envisaged that this will require input on a number of levels:
    • The full information event where the whole presentation is given, experiences shared, Q and A and networking opportunities available
    • A short introduction at other events where champions introduce themselves and make themselves available to anyone at the event who is interested in RPP
    • Ensuring that at all events, marketing materials and information about RPP is available principally the orange wear with pride leaflet
  • Act as a central point of information and expertise for their respective groups: branch or SIG committees, employers etc.
  • Respond to applicant questions in the RPP online forum.
  • Contribute to the continued improvement of our knowledge of candidate requirements, the standard and process, and the development of the RPP Champions role via the RPP Champions online community.

Contact points for RPP Champions

  • For dates and events, liaising with branch and SIG committees and supplies of leaflets, your contact will be the Branch and SIG Administrator Team.
  • For queries about the standard, the application process or other issues that are relevant to all champions please post your query to the champions community and it will be answered by the relevant person.
  • For urgent issues about the process or standard, please contact John Zachar, Product Development Manager.

Julie Legge
May 2011 Version 1


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