RPP Assessor Conference 13th October 2014 London and preparation exercise

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Assessor Conference

The 8th RPP Assessor Conference is scheduled for Monday 13th October 2014 at ETC Venues PADDINGTON   please note the change of venue - this is not The Hatton

Location details for ETC Venues PADDINGTON can be found on the following link:  http://www.etcvenues.co.uk/files/download/etcvenuespaddingtonpdf/89


Please find below the agenda for the RPP assessors conference on 13th October.



10.00 10.15      Welcome, review of previous meeting (actions and post event survey)  GH


10.15 10.30      Update on RPP numbers, verifier teams, 2015 professional review dates   AV


10.30 11.15      Andrew Bragg presentation, to include a portfolio update ACB


11.15 - 11.30       Break


11.30 12.30      Standardisation exercise group work Verifier Teams


12.30 13.30      Lunch


13.30 14.00      Standardisation exercise plenary session GH


14.00 14.30      RPP 3 year review update - GH


14.30 15.00      AOB - GH




The exact format of the Spring 2015 RPP event is to be confirmed (face to face / virtual) but the date has been set for Thursday 23rd April 2015 please hold this date in your schedules.   

APM will require confirmation of your attendance for 13th October 2014 by 26th SEPTEMBER. If you do not respond by this date, we will assume that you are NOT attending and you will not be catered for.

Email confirmation should be sent to Shohreh.golfard@apm.org.uk. The attendance list will be published in this area prior to the event.  

Please wear your RPP Assessor name badge to this event (if you require a new RPP Assessor name badge please let Shohreh know) Expenses are covered by APM. 

Once again, the location will be ETC Venues PADDINGTON http://www.etcvenues.co.uk/files/download/etcvenuespaddingtonpdf/89

Preparation exercise

Regardless of whether you are attending on 13th October or not, you are requested to carry out the standardisation exercise. This time the exercise will focus on professional review question preparation, as opposed to completing a portfolio assessment.

Attached below you will find information that would be provided in a professional review scenario. The Professional Review Standards and Guidance document is also attached for your reference. Please use the information as you would when preparing for a professional review and note the questions you would ask.

Your notes will be collated and forwarded to your verifier for analysis and for group discussions on 13th October. Please note that the focus of the exercise is to discuss appropriate professional review questions rather than a critique of portfolio assessment reporting.     

The deadline for this exercise is also 26th SEPTEMBER, to be returned to Shohreh.golfard@apm.org.uk on the preparation sheet provided.

Payment for carrying out this training exercise is not chargeable to APM.


We look forward to seeing you on 13th October and continuing to work closely with you. If you have any queries relating to any of the information above, please contact Shohreh.golfard@apm.org.uk in the first instance.  

Posted on 21st Aug 2014
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