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RPP Assessor Conference 23rd April 2014 London - agenda, standardisation exercise and MINUTES

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Posted by APM on 11th Feb 2014

Thank you to all who attended and contributed on 23rd April - the best attended so far and according to feedback received to date, the most interesting.  

Minutes and presentation slides are attached below. Please read these in full - especially if you did not attend - as they contain plenty of updates and discussions.

As always, any queries can be directed to andrea.kallides@apm.org.uk

We look forward to seeing you all at the next RPP Assessor Conference taking place on 13th October 2014 at ETC PADDINGTON 


Final details for the event:

To confirm that the event will take place at ETC VENUES - THE HATTON (the same venue as previous RPP Assessor Conferences) The directions can be accessed at:


The final agenda:

09.30   Arrive

10.00    Welcome/Housekeeping/Summary of assessor survey post 22/10/13 Assessor Conference - BDC

10.10    General RPP Update - AK

10.30    Update on 3 year RPP Review - MG

11.00    Break

11.15    Standardisation Exercise Verifier groups

12.15    Standardisation Exercise Plenary session BDC

12.45    Lunch

13.30    Project Thermopylae Update - GH  

14.30    RPP Candidate Journey / Assessor Responsibilities - AK

15.00    Break

15.15    PA Assessor Feedback for PR assessors SS+GD

15.45    Soap Box Session LT

16.15    AOB BDC / AK   

16.30    Close

(BCD - Brendan DCruz, AK - Andrea Kallides, MG - Martin Gosden, GH - Gill Hancock, SS -Steve Simister, GD - Geraldine Duffy, LT - Lara Taylorson) 


Please note that Liz Wilson is unable to attend but APM's Company Secretary Mike Robinson will be present.

The full delegate list is attached at the bottom of this post. The meeting room will be available from 8.30am and we are told that breakfast will be available in the restaurant should you wish - please ask Reception for details when you sign in.

Please also wear your name badge and bring a copy of your standardisation report if you can (1 copy will be also be available on the day as part of the group discussion)

If you have any queries please contact andrea.kallides@apm.org.uk

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 23rd April.    


Please see below a draft agenda for the upcoming RPP Assessor Conference taking place on 23rd April 2014 at ETC HATTON, London (as per previous events)

Directions can be accessed from the following link:


09.30   Arrive

10.00   Welcome/Housekeeping/Summary of assessor survey post 22/10/13 Assessor Conference - BDC

10.10   General RPP Update - AK

10.30   Update on 3 year RPP Review - MG

11.00   Break

11.15   Standardisation Exercise Verifier groups

12.15   Standardisation Exercise Plenary session BDC

12.45   Lunch

13.30   Project Thermopylae Update - GH   

14.30   (working title RPP Candidate Journey / Assessor Responsibilities) - AK

15.00   Break

15.15   PA Assessor Feedback for PR assessors SS+GD

15.45   Soap Box Session LT

16.15   AOB - LW    

16.30   Close


(BCD - Brendan DCruz, AK - Andrea Kallides, MG - Martin Gosden, GH - Gill Hancock, SS - Steve Simister, GD - Geraldine Duffy, LT  -Lara Taylorson) 

Should the agenda change it will be notified in this closed group.

This is a packed agenda and assessors are encouraged to attend in person, being reminded that participation in at least one RPP training event a year is a contractual obligation.  Assessors who did not attend conferences on 26/04/013 or 22/10/13 events will be expected to attend on 23rd April 2014.  

NB The format and delivery of assessor training is currently being reviewed but should an autumn 2014 assessor conference be agreed, it will take place on Monday 13th October at ETC PADDINGTON (note the change of venue)   

Please let APM know if you will or will not be attending on 23rd April by e-mailing shohreh.golfard@apm.org.uk BY FRIDAY 28th MARCHso that numbers can be finalised. A delegate list will be released on this closed group before the event. 

As always, all assessors - whether attending on 23rd April or not -  are asked to complete the standardisation exercise below. Please complete this as you would a normal portfolio assessment. It is real-life past case that has been anonymised as much as possible. The submission has undergone all of the relevant Initial Review checks at Ibis House and is presented for assessment in this way.

As in BAU, the use of "1" scores is discouraged but can be used sparingly if deemed necessary. Please allow 2-3 hours for this exercise. 

It is vital that all assessors carry out this activity as it is the best way APM can gauge the overall performance of the assessor pool and target any necessary further training. Past assessor surveys have indicated that the portfolio standardisation exercise and discussions are not only useful but interesting, and this activity remains the priority of assessor training events. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Please return your portfolio assessment to shohreh.golfard@apm.org.uk BY 14th MARCH 2014, which allows time for meaningful analysis to be carried out (note that this should not be returned to Customer Services)  

Your PA report will be forwarded to the Lead Verifier for data analysis, and to your verifier for preparation for group discussions on 23rd April. During the session, your report will be made available to the other assessors within your team for comparison and reflection. If you are unhappy with your PA report being used for this exercise, please make this clear to your verifier.

Payment for carrying out this training exercise is not chargeable, but expenses for attending the event are covered. 

Please wear your assessor name badge when you attend - there are only two face to face meetings a year with the majority of the RPP assessor pool, so wearing your name badge is helpful. Should you require a replacement name badge, please let Shohreh know.  

As always we look forward to seeing you on 23rd April and continuing to work closely with you. If you have any questions in the meantime please direct them to andrea.kallides@apm.org.uk





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