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RPP assessor update

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An update for RPP Assessors and Verifiers

RPP is moving quite successfully into business as usual (BAU).  As of today, we have 127 RPPs.  Since the first of March, we have received about 58 applications; however, most are still in the middle of the assessment process.
We have devised and launched a route for CPMs and a route for FAPMs to RPP is currently being tested by half a dozen candidates.  Hopefully the route to RPP for FAPMs will be made available generally within the next couple of months.  Incidentally, all FAPM portfolio assessments for RPP will be done by verifiers only.  Reasoning behind this is that it is so much easier to get commonality amongst 5 for non-standard portfolios than all of the assessors.  Should there be any questions, please feel free to contact John Zachar about either of the routes.

Finalised versions of Assessment and Verification Documents

Finalised versions of all assessment and verification documents will be made available here in this closed group limited to RPP Assessors and Verifiers: see the THE ARTICLE "CENTRAL REPOSITORY FOR ALL RPP DOCUMENTS"

 Initial Review Guidance

 Initial Review Report Form

 Portfolio Assessment Guidance

 Portfolio Assessment Report Form

 Professional Review Guidance

 Professional Review Report Form

 RPP Professional Review Preparation Worksheet

 Verification Process

 Portfolio Assessment Verification Form

 Professional Review Verification Form

These documents will be provided to all RPP Assessors and Verifiers as hard copies, inserted in a folder and distributed by Andrea as soon as it is possible to do so.  In addition all documents will be available for download at any time.  Those appearing in italics are in the process of being agreed and finalised.  More information can be obtained from Andrea Kallides or John Zachar.  You all have our contact details; however or 01844 271 694 and or 01844 271 659 just in case.

Verification process

We recently had our first verifiers meeting, where a number of things were agreed.  First of all, our Lead Verifier is Dr Brendan DCruz.  Brendan brings a wealth of assessment and verification experience to the role with his academic background.  Four verifiers were also appointed and agreed during the meeting.  They are: Geraldine Duffy, Paul Erricker, Steve Simister and Lara Taylorson.  We have also allocated all assessors to one of the four verifiers.  The list of which verifier youve been assigned to can be accessed / downloaded IN THE ARTICLE "CENTRAL REPOSITORY FOR ALL RPP DOCUMENTS"

The purpose behind assigning each assessor to a verifier is to provide an easily obtainable second opinion should there be a need and to share the workload across the Verifiers.  In the first instance, if you need any advice or a second opinion during a portfolio assessment, speak to your assigned verifier and agree a way forward.
The following steps have been taken as a part of the verification process to ensure all assessors and assessments are robust and consistent as we move into BAU:

  • All assessors will have their portfolio assessments verified until their verifier is happy that the assessor is operating consistently.  This will be a minimum of three portfolio assessments or until the verifier is happy with the assessors performance.  At that stage, verification of assessors portfolios assessments will move to 10% or 1 out of 10.
  • All assessors will, as soon as practical, also have at least three professional reviews observed as a part of the verification process.  In a similar fashion to portfolio assessments, this is to ensure robustness and consistency.  At that stage verification of assessors performance during professional reviews will move to 10% or 1 out of 10 or a minimum of at least once a year. Please note that, for practical purposes, it may not be possible to have your assigned verifier observing your professional reviews, as assessors are paired randomly and may not have the same verifier. Therefore for professional reviews, any verifier can undertake the observation.  

Assessments & availability

One of the many bits of information we need is your availability for portfolio assessments and professional reviews.  We are assuming that you are available to turn portfolio assessments around in ten working days unless you specifically tell us that you are unavailable, so portfolio assessments will be assigned to assessors on a rotational basis.

For professional reviews it is slightly more difficult to arrange.  The plan is to identify dates for professional reviews, and ask for your availability.  Currently we are unable to determine exactly how many assessors we will need, as the number of candidates is still somewhat uncertain.  So although the dates have been identified, the number of streams of professional reviews (therefore the number of assessors required) is not yet known. We will endeavour to allocate assessors to professional review dates at least 1 month in advance.
However, if we have allocated you to professional reviews on a specific date, and if for any reason the need for your services dissolves, we will aim to inform you with a minimum of two weeks notice.  The dates for the rest of the year are: 

 6th September 2011
 4th October 2011
 1st November 2011
 13th December 2011

Please e-mail Andrea at with the dates for which you would like to be considered as an assessor.

Currently all standard professional reviews are scheduled to take place at Ibis House.  On the horizon however, is the likelihood of performing portfolio assessments and professional reviews for cohorts of candidates, usually from one company or put forward by one APM Accredited Advisor.  If you are interested in helping with assessing groups of candidates, and perhaps performing professional reviews on company premises, please let Andrea know.  These are likely to be short notice assignments with a tighter turn-around time.  Andrea will release the timetables as and when they are received and assign assessors and verifiers who can commit to those dates.

In Other News...

The other thing being considered for professional reviews days is the employment of one extra assessor.  The reasoning behind this is that someone needs to ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time with the right materials.  I think we all really appreciated the work that Ibis House staff did for us during the pilot.  Coupling the need for someone to facilitate the day, which may consist of multiple streams of professional reviews, an extra assessor would address any conflicts of interest that surfaced on the day and any unforeseen assessor absences.  By just swapping roles on the day, conflicts could be alleviated quite easily.  Your thoughts on this to John Zachar would be welcome.  No decisions have been made yet.

Finally, work on testing the feasibility of using video conferencing for professional reviews is taking place.  A couple of volunteers are needed that have the appropriate equipment to test several different systems. The work is divided into two separate endeavours.  Can professional reviews be effectively done using video conferencing?  And, what system is easiest to use?  Several assessors have been identified to help with the first question which will be resolved with a day spent at Ibis House, while the latter can be done from anywhere, as long as the appropriate equipment is available.  Basically whats needed are a fairly powerful computer or laptop, web cam and either a microphone and speakers or a headset with microphone.  Anyone interested in helping, please let John know.

Thanks for your patience so far, and thanks for reading.

John and Andrea




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