RPP professional reviews 2013 May - Dec

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Posted by APM on 21st Feb 2013

RPP Professional Review dates have been scheduled for the rest of 2013. The exact locations are to be confirmed but are likely to be:


14th May - London

27th June - Birmingham

16th July - London

21st August - Manchester

26th September - London

10th October - Birmingham

12th November - London

12th December - Manchester 


Please contact jessica.deane@apm.org.uk with your availability.


Assessors are allocated approximately 1 month prior to each event - if you have not heard by then, please assume you have not been allocated.


If you are allocated and no longer required, we will endeavour to let you know with at least 2 weeks notice.


Please be reminded that assessors who do not provide availability will not be considered for professional review events.   

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