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Stakeholder management: Abnormal load hauliers to zoo keepers, 21 April

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On Tuesday 21st April a very enthusiastic audience arrived at Jurys Inn Aberdeen to hear the engaging presentation by Derek Linden entitled 'Stakeholder management: Abnormal load hauliers to zoo keepers' delivered to members of the Aberdeen chapter.

Thinking about the motivations of those connected to a project, the evening was a flexible context that encouraged input from the audience. Whilst it was agreed the talk was not definitive, it attempted to explore the areas seldom considered from the outset by project managers:

  • Stakeholder involvement - why and when?
  • Timing is everything
  • What is the project managers view?
  • What is the stakeholders view?
  • Project manager and judgement
  • What does a stakeholder expect?
  • Project manager and influence
  • The four levels of power and how they work
  • Project manager and drive
  • The alchemy to make it all work

Derek has very kindly made his presentation material available.


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