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Huw Lewis’s presentation showed us how Nexus considers stakeholders specifically when delivering projects under the Metro: All Change programme of light rail infrastructure renewals. Huw Lewis is the Customer Services Director at Nexus and as such, is involved in all aspects of corporate Stakeholder engagement and management.

The journey (no pun intended) began with a very unhappy resident who highlighted how important it is to truly understand the work you are delivering and what impact it can have on people and the environment. This conversation led to a greater empathy and a significantly improved process to ensure that Stakeholders needs are captured and where, possible accommodated.

Huw demonstrated how Stakeholders can be identified, how to assess whether they should be Consulted/Informed/Involved/Engaged and gave guidance as to how the random should always be considered. Huw concluded by stating that Stakeholder engagement and management should be started during the initiation phase as it will ensure your project doesn’t encounter issues such as White Witches and sea lions when it’s too late to do something about it!

Sian Church
Chair, APM North East branch

Huw has kindly agreed to make the slides from his talk available and they are listed below.


Posted on 15th Feb 2017
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