Steve Wake - candidate statement

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Since I joined the Board as a member and now as Chairman I have pursued a reshaping and reformist agenda. More change than has ever occurred before. The changes are now taking place. It’s not just talk. 

I am delivering on my previous statement, still valid below. I need another term to make those changes stick.

I have always been a fully engaged APM Volunteer. That means I turn up and do the work. I have ideas and opinions and I actually make them happen, for myself and the groups I work with.

I will continue to work towards:

  • A Listening Learning and Leading culture for the community we are and the community we serve.
  • A return to the basics of project management.
  • A recalibration of the relationship of the Association with its members so that the members are participants rather than spectators. Supported rather than managed.
  • Better representation of SIGS and Branches at Board with a clear chain of responsibility and authority.
  • A focus on social enterprise that provides value in favour of profit.
Posted on 20th Sep 2015
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