The APM Accredited Providers Forum February 2016 - question and answer session

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Accredited Provider Forum – 23rd February 2016
Question and answer session

Will you be engaging with volunteers?
Debbie Dore has presented the APM Project Professional qualification at the Volunteers forum and there will be communications through the APM Newsletter

What will be in the marketing pack?
The marketing collateral will include sample papers, candidate guidance notes, syllabus, corporate brochure, accreditation application form and guidance notes

Can we have a follow up marketing workshop before launch?
We will be happy to arrange briefing days covering our suite of qualifications, promotion and marketing

How will achieving the PPQ help me to become a Registered Project professional (RPP)?
You will be able to reference your Project professional Qualification in a number of ways in your RPP application

  • It can be used as evidence for the 18 complementary competences required in your RPP application
  • It enables you to become a member of APM. (On payment of the relevant fee and signing the APM code of conduct)
  • It can be used as evidence of your ongoing continuing professional development (CPD), a key requirement for RPP

Do I need to have passed PMQ before I can sit PPQ?
No you don’t have to have passed the APMP qualification to sit the PPQ, although it is a natural progression from APMP, as it tests not just knowledge, but the practical application of that knowledge

Will APM advise guided learning hours?
The amount of self-study or directed learning hours required for each module will depend on your experience and level of understanding of the individual topic areas within each module. Your accredited training provider should be able to help develop a training programme that’s right for you and/or your organisation

Self-study should include not just the technical elements of each module, but exam technique, and consideration on how you can provide additional detail on the practical application of this knowledge in your answers, providing evidence, rationale and justification, relating your answer back to the scenario presented

When will we accept applications for accreditation?
We will accept applications from the 21st April 2016

Can we self-invigilate the APM Project Professional qualification?
Self-invigilation will be available for this qualification. We will require the name and CV of your nominated invigilator for our records and registration
How do you position PQ on the career framework, does it sit on the experience side?

PQ is a qualification that sits in the same space as PPQ, so it sits with the qualifications rather than on the experience side
PQ is a qualification that sits in the same space as PPQ, so it sits with the qualifications rather than on the experience side

How/Does Trailblazer fit into the career framework
Progression from the Level 4 Trailblazer would be the PPQ or PQ

Posted on 15th Apr 2016
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