The future of the project management profession - a webinar by Paul Major

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What is the future of the profession?  Where will project managers feature in the future development of our world?  Will it challenge you to take your role as a project manager to a different level?  Would it make you want to start to take responsibility for delivering sustainable change in your workplace and society as a “ChangeMaker”?

Paul Major joined over 120 delegates and gave his popular presentation on the future of the project management profession.  He questioned where the direction of the profession had changed historically and, emphasised the need to ensure that project management plays an important part in the future growth of the profession.

The webinar gave food for thought for those listening and numerous questions were raised on the topic of change and acceptance. Delegates were asked to give a view of project management from the eyes of a dreamer, realist and a sceptic with some interesting results.


For those of you who wanted to view the videos shown in Paul's presentation, please click on the following links:

40 years of APM please click here
Did you know video please click here
The end of publishing please click here

Posted on 20th Feb 2013
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