The reality of project leadership

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What's so special about good leadership it's the followers that make or break a project isn't it?

Leadership is the ability to establish vision and direction, to influence and align others towards a common purpose, and to empower and inspire people to achieve project success" APM Body of Knowledge, 5th edition

Assuming the project manager adopts the role of a leader when designing and delivering a project, leadership skills will be a critical factor in affecting the outcome of the project.

Developing leadership skills has been high on the agenda for a number of years. A leader, however, is not an island.

In the words of Max de Pree:

A team of giants needs giant pitchers who throw good ideas but every pitcher needs an outstanding catcher. Without giant catchers, the ideas of the giant pitchers may eventually disappear.

We look at what makes a leader lead, and what makes a giant catcher choose to be on the team and go the extra mile to catch the ball.

The latest People SIG workshop held on 6th Julychallenged the assumed 'top heavy' emphasis placed on the attributes of the leader in the project contextand determined when leadership skills are appropriate, which ones, and in which context.

Almost 50 people were there and presentations were made by Jane Royden, Eleri Evans and Carol Sharp. They can be downloaded below.

Posted on 7th Jul 2011
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