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The role of PMO in assurance and branch Annual General Meeting

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The South East branch's 2014 AGM event looked at the role of the PMO, the people involved and took a more focussed look at assurance processes with specific examples from TfL.

Eileen Roden, Learning Programme Director at QA and lead author of the latest edition of "P3O Best Management" explored the various roles undertaken by the PMO from conference room bookings to advising the executive board on the content and management of the portfolio of change and everything in between.

Following on from Eileen Roden's presentationRoy Millard, Senior Audit Manager at TfL and Chair of the APM Assurance Specific Interest Group (SIG) introduced the latest thinking about integrated assurance, referring to the SIGs emergent thinking and how it can be used.

Using examples from his work at TfL, Roy demonstrated how this can and is being put in to practice.


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