The strategy-reality gap.

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Tony Teague, managing director for Human Systems Europe Ltd presented to the South Wales and West of England Branch in January 2007 on strategy and reality and whether there is a gap in project management. Tony concentrated on strategy and project management relationships and stated thathalf of all projects cannot show that they deliver 50% or more of the benefits promised. Strategy is useless if not executed.

Nearly half of senior executives worldwide report their people and processes are not in sync with the overall corporate strategy. Tony suggested that there is a tendency to focus on how the project is managed when there should be more attention on do we consistently do the right projects and do themright?, did we do the project and did we do the project right?

Typically few organisations have visibility of the complete portfolio and often more projects are being run that can be resourced.

This is an excellent presentation by Tony that also looked at behavioural issues and sponsor behaviour. Tony highlighted the inconsistencies we havewith terminology and role clarity- project, portfolio and programme. The seminar raised some superb questions and animated debate.

Slides from Tony's presentation are available to download below.

Posted on 22nd Jul 2010
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