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Emerging TrendsAPM has partnered with educational provider ILX Group to publish the first in a series of guides looking at trends in project management.

The agreement will see ILX Group provide sponsorship for Introduction to Gamification, part of APMs Emerging Trends series. The guide set to launch next month as a free-to-download ebook offers an overview of game thinking and its application in the success of everyday projects.

APM publishing manager James Simons said: Im genuinely excited by the prospect of bringing lesser known subjects or those on the cusp of mainstream project management to the attention of project professionals, and would like to thank ILX Group for its support in making this happen.

ILX Group has been using game techniques for its e-learning and classroom courses for some time now and, according to ILX Group head of marketing Kevin Tewis, is keen to bring project managers into the fold. We firmly believe that gamification is an emerging trend that will add real value to the project management profession and, with the help of this guide, more users will be able to benefit, he said.

The text for the guide was written by members of APMs Thames Valley study tour team, who investigated the subject in 2012. The subsequent report and other activities, including a fully interactive workshop at APMs annual conference, confirmed its status as trend worth watching.

Study tour team member Alexa Briggs, who ran the workshop last year with Guy Giffin from Prendo Simulations, believes the modern management technique of gamification could increase the likelihood of a project being a success.

Posted on 18th Feb 2014
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