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Posted by APM on 3rd Jul 2012

With the millennial generation joining the modern workplace, project managers of the future will be looking for new ways to drive project team performance. The influx of Xbox generation project managers raises the question of whether there are new ways to engage and motivate people through technology. The modern workplace is encompassed by numerous distractions from project work, such as email, LinkedIn, and Facebook. APM and modern day project managers will face the same predicament of how to engage their future followers.

Gamification is the new and exciting concept of applying game-design principles to non-game functions in order to increase engagement.

Studies have statistically demonstrated that highly engaged teams outperform competitors by 47 to 202 percent and have traits such as increased productivity, focus, involvement, commitment and loyalty.

Gamification is used by technologically savvy companies such as Facebook and Apple and has begun to move into the corporate world.

Gamification incentivises desirable attitudes through use of technology to promote desired behaviours and make dull and repetitive project activities more enjoyable. It takes advantage of humans'psychological predisposition to complete activities; thus every task is an opportunity to increase ones status and profile.

A group of new project managers from the Thames Valley Branch has been awarded a study tour budget to evaluate innovative methods for improving motivation and engagement of the APM community and the project team through gamification.

This group is for the Study Tour group to keep all APM members up to date on our progress and also get your thoughts and help on some of our research areas.

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